Set 1 – Five New Words for Nov 1

1. pecksniffian (pek-SNIF-ee-uhn): adjective: Pretending to have high moral principles; sanctimonious, hypocritical.

Usage: “In the meantime, the pecksniffian French consul was feigning indignation.”

2. smellfungus (smel-FUNG-uhs):noun: A habitual faultfinder or complainer.

Usage: “And a couple of smellfungus from the Official Paper … carped that Issel chose to jump when the schedule reached its toughest stretch.”

3. falstaffian (fal-STAF-ee-uhn) adjective: Fat, jolly, and convivial.

Usage: “His hair was long and scruffy, his ties ludicrous and his manner jovial bordering on Falstaffian; a board meeting, for him, was a debate, punctuated by gales of his maniacal laughter.”

4. milquetoast (MILK-tohst): noun: A timid, unassertive person.

Usage: “Martin Oberman: This is a very tough place. You can’t be a milquetoast.”

5. bumbledom (BUHM-buhl-duhm): noun: Behavior characteristic of a pompous and self-important petty official; the world of petty and incompetent officials.

Usage: “We regret to record the death of Albury-Wodonga with a hyphen. … Bumbledom in the two councils has decreed the hyphen must go from stationery and signs.”

6. Diligence ˈdɪlɪdʒ(ə)ns/: noun careful and persistent work or effort.

Usage: What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.


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